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        To Form is an upstate New York based complete design practice. Founded on ideas and principles inspired by Nature, Space and listening to both openly and attentively. To Form offers many different services for diverse and complex projects. 

        We are committed to an approach to designing in which we are conscious of the decisions we make in the project; how we artfully choose what we need, what we love and what we wish to enjoy. Practicality assists

        Our belief is in creating buildings with beauty; engendering a subtle experience of reverence for space and materials. We consider materials a component of the whole; they should add to the project, rather than restrict. Health…..blah,blah,blah We strive to source sustainable, natural materials, from frame to breathable finishes. Deep contemplation is given to placement of the build in its Natural surroundings, the thresholds between the two; Natural light or darkness, air quality and materials. 

        The listening and attentiveness which we give to Nature and Space begins with the Client. Great importance is given to openly gaining an understanding and picture of their life, how they associate with the world and how they wish to exist within the Space. This is paramount to the collaborative element to creating a truly individual design with the clients desire to thrive and live well in their surroundings/Ecology at the center of the endeavor. This serves as the heart and motivation for the project to succeed.

        Working with dedicated clients who have an appreciation for the land, coupled with a harmonious design utilizing the artistic expression of form, light, and sustainable natural materials, we seek to create structures which honor the past while embracing a future held in our balance. The regard for both the past and the future, gives us the chance to bring into being a space of inspiration, well-being, and peacefulness that shall become home to the present. Taking into consideration the health of the client, the natural environment, the working craftsmen, and generations yet to come, we can mutually create spaces for living which bring forth a concise , surrounding experience of life’s depth, meaning and renewal.


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