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In words ….


For me, architecture is living sculpture, It is functional, practical and versatile but it is art at its core . 

In a world of homogenized and generic spaces, I aim to bring forth what is original, unique and alive. To create beauty is the ultimate human expression and achievement - a much needed antidote to society’s violence, to the degradation of our planet, to the marginalizing of human beings themselves. My work is a testament to the human spirit and it’s unbridled potential.


For more than twenty-five years, I have designed, built, and created living spaces, creative spaces, studios, and replicable designs for those who wish to experience space without impediment . My work as an artist and designer is ever - evolving, and the challenge and possibility of bringing spatial awareness and intuition into form is my primary task. It is a joy and an honor.  Because it’s all personal. And yet impersonal too. Precision knows only itself.


My own potential as a designer is in many ways, without bounds, in that inherently I can go wherever you want me to go … I can bring forth what is beyond my personal aesthetic and yet is a clear embodiment of the joint effort, beautifully addressing every angle and nuance, every crossbeam, entry, and view ….the land and trees and light all informing. This is a deeply ecological and natural process .I do what I do naturally and work as a guide to a better, clearer way, employing conceptual imagination and grounded understanding of what it takes to build a building. 


It is my wish to utilize my approach in broader ways: designing schools, retreat centers, care homes, hospitals, museums, performance spaces- in short, intersecting my design know-how with societal needs on a larger scale. Positive change that simply comes through a different way of seeing. 


Structures are built of harnessed light, the light of mind, the subtle symphonic assemblage of thousands of small choices. Through these buildings, what my eye, ear, heart, hand have seemingly conjured, we alter the possibilities for all who enter.


Erlend Neumann lives with his daughter in New York City and the Hudson River Valley.  He frequently travels, bringing his inspiration, curiosity, and expertise with him.

No project is too small or large, too far or distant.  Because: it’s interesting. So let’s talk. It all starts there.

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