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LONG POND STUDIO - Arron Dessner's & THE NATIONAL Recording Studio    

Long Pond’s incarnation began with Aaron Dessner having a hope in his heart to move out of New York City with his family and find an oasis for the band The National. 

        From the beginning, the project had some very specific requests, desires and requirements. The main goal was to create a space which would encourage and inspire creativity for the creation of music not just a space to capture it.  With that said we found a great balance of performance control and architectural balance.  Collaborating with acoustical engineer Jeff Hedback of HdAcoustics on the practical sound quality needs merging with the architecture we created a high level space for creating, recording and mixing. We reused as much as possible from the old pole barn equipment shed. The connection with the surrounding natural landscape and bio-diversity of the pond ecosystem were at the fore of our design process.

       This process culminated with the band creating and recording there Grammy award winning album 'Sleep Well Beast ' and using the Studio as the album cover and becoming the theme focal point of the marketing campaign created by Pentagram.                  The Studio has become a hub of activity with Big Red Machine completing there record there in 2018.  Now the Studio has been involved both in creating, recording and mixing the new Taylor Swift albums in 2020 ...........more to come for sure

PROJECT - Long Pond Recording Studio

TYPE - Recording Studio Design

LOCATION - Hudson Valley New York

YEAR - 2015

STATUS - Completed

CLIENT - Aaron Dessner - The National

PROJECT TEAM - Erlend Neumann, Design Principal/Consultant/Studio Sound Installation

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