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Alford House - Modern Dwelling     

With this unusual project we were given a clear budget as well as the unprecedented opportunity of free creative rein.

There was still the practice of listening to the wishes and ideas of the clients. Moments were spent together on site before a single stone was turned. 

This was helpful in order to discuss practical desires, and was a useful starting place. 

This process enabled us to pay attention to how we would be impacting the natural environment; initially, and for generations.  

The connection with the land is what makes a building special and this site and project encouraged that interaction.

PROJECT - Alford House

TYPE - Residential  |  Greenroof

LOCATION - Alford, Berkshire County Massachusetts

YEAR - 2014

STATUS - Completed

CLIENT - Private Client

PROJECT TEAM - Erlend Neumann, Design Principal , Synergy Design Structural Engineering

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