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“SPARROW” - Stage - EAUX CLAIRES III Music Festival    

Design and build a petit stage, blurring the separation between performers and audience to create opportunity for an intimate musical artistic experience for all, with rain protection, at the edge of the forest; on the periphery to the main assembling area. 

    As referenced by the name, Sparrow Stage was an unassuming, almost missed, (unless given a double take), gentle and low-impact performance stage commissioned by the organizers of the festival. Perched at the edge of the forest with trees and a bio-diverse understory as backdrop allowed for an immersion into Nature while deep listening to live music.

PROJECT - “Sparrow” Music Stage

TYPE - Stage Design, Festival Design

LOCATION - Eau Claire, Wisconsin, US

YEAR - 2017

STATUS - Completed


PROJECT TEAM - Erlend Neumann artist/installation manager/installation team. Braden Klug installation team. Aaron Wallace build assistant; block&tackle engineering

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