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Duffy House

Design a new home for a family of 4. 

The clients had some very clear wishes and ideas of what they wanted- an artists small studio, attached two car garage and an exterior area for a hot tub. 

The project was a new build on a freshly excavated and formed lot, beautifully located on a semi-forested slightly sloped hillside.

The overall vernacular of the design reflects the many barns found throughout the area. 

How to create a freshly built space which can somehow be imbued with the warm ambiance and atmosphere and proportion that accompanies the old barns from the past?

PROJECT - Duffy House

TYPE - Residential  |  Green Roof 

LOCATION - Ghent, New York

YEAR - 2014

STATUS - Completed

CLIENT - Jill & Jason Duffy

PROJECT TEAM - Erlend Neumann, Design Principal 

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