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8 Branches Acupuncture Studio     

    Design and project manage wholistic space to be used as an acupuncture etc. practice in Northern Columbia County. Working closely with the clients we where able to come to a vision together to incorporate our shared philosophies of small is Beautiful, impacting our Earth and surroundings as little as possible; this was organically influenced and inspired the design and decisions made through the whole experience.

        Through this deep listening and communication we have created a building which reflects the intention and activity which takes place and is experienced within. This was accomplished through extensive meetings and conversation with the clients, asking questions. Both the difficult and the dreamier aspects are realistically pondered and considered, all for the greater good of the project.

PROJECT - 8 Branches Acupuncture Studio

TYPE - Healing | Medical | Commercial

LOCATION - Spencertown, Columbia County New York

YEAR - 2017

STATUS - Completed

CLIENT - 8 Branches Acupuncture - Heidi Harding & Tim Aitken

PROJECT TEAM - Erlend Neumann, Design Principal/Consultant

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