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8 Branches Acupuncture Studio     

Design a holistic space to be used as an acupuncture practice in Columbia County NY.

Through organic collaboration & deep listening with the clients, we were able to create a shared vision & philosophy that colored my design process;

  • small is beautiful

  • minimum impact on earth and surrounding nature-

  • create a space that reflects the intention of the activity within.

- Take into consideration the challenges and dreamier aspects of the idea, and create an authentic balance for the building.

PROJECT - 8 Branches Acupuncture Studio

TYPE - Healing | Medical | Commercial

LOCATION - Spencertown, Columbia County New York

YEAR - 2017

STATUS - Completed

CLIENT - 8 Branches Acupuncture - Heidi Harding & Tim Aitken

PROJECT TEAM - Erlend Neumann, Design Principal/Consultant

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